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Introducing… Digital Posters for IMC19!

The 19th International Microscopy Congress Program Committee team have been carefully looking at the contemporary trends in scientific rigour and transparency in conferences. This year, IMC19 is aligning with changing times in the world of scientific publishing and we are pleased to introduce digital posters to the Congress to showcase scientific research, in addition to traditional hard copy posters.


How will digital posters enhance your experience at IMC19?

During lunchtimes and dedicated poster session afternoons, delegates will be able to browse through the posters on the kiosks, visit a digital poster theatrette to hear the mini oral presentations, view posters on the app on smartphones and tablets, and browse the hardcopy poster displays.

This new and innovative digital poster integration will:

  • Ensure easy preparation and easy modification of your poster – much easier than printing and transporting
  • Feature built in animation and video streams
  • Enable delegates to access posters on phones, tablets, laptops, and kiosks within the exhibition hall
  • Allow delegates to view uploaded posters on the Congress app at any time (the app will be launched around 2 weeks prior to the Congress)
  • Make it possible for delegates to contact authors via the app to organise meetings and ask questions about the poster
  • Allow you to communicate directly with fellow presenters, enhancing your networking opportunities
  • Give authors access to statistics on poster engagement

Please note that authors will have option to present either a hardcopy poster OR digital poster (more details below).

Information for Poster Authors

Submission Process


During the abstract submission process, poster authors may select from the following poster presentation options:

  • Mini oral presentation + digital poster (3 minutes, plus 1 minute changeover)
  • Digital poster only (available to view on smartphones, tablets and interactive kiosks in the exhibition hall throughout the Congress, with scheduled 30 minute time slots alongside concurrent sessions for authors wishing to stand by their poster)
  • Traditional hardcopy poster (available on display in exhibition hall, with changeover of posters each day)

Further information regarding the abstract submission process is available on the Abstract Submission page.


Acceptance & Upload


If accepted for a digital poster, authors will be provided with clear briefing notes on how to create and upload the digital poster. (Note that all other presentation types will also receive briefing notes).

Authors can then proceed to use our software, ePresenter to upload their poster presentation well in advance of arriving at the Congress.

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