19th International Microscopy Congress (IMC19)

Program Highlights

IMC19 represents a forum for sharing and contesting the latest ideas and technologies in the world of microscopy. The 2018 program will be truly transformational, featuring the world’s thought leaders and rising stars. 

The scientific program will include world-renowned plenary and invited speakers, young scientists showcasing their research, digital posters and Pre-Congress workshops. The program will encompass four main streams:

Please note the below is subject to change and is current as of 28 August 2017.

Life Sciences

  • Structure and function of cells & organelles
  • Multiplex live imaging of cells, tissues & organisms
  • 3-D structures of macromolecules & supramolecular assemblies 
  • Innovations in light / laser microscopy and optical nanoscopy
  • Cellular transport & dynamics 
  • Applications in correlative microscopy of biological systems 
  • Embryology & development biology 
  • Pathology and immunocytochemistry & biomolecular labeling 
  • Applications of cryo electron microscopy in biology 
  • Atomic force microscopy in molecular and cell biology
  • Plant science & mycology
  • Invertebrate biology & taxonomy
  • Host-Pathogen interactions, microbiology & virology
  • Human health & disease

Physical Sciences

  • Nanoscale, nanostructured and porous materials
  • Carbon-based materials and 2D structures
  • Thin films, interfaces, and surfaces
  • Metals and alloys
  • Advanced ceramics and inorganic composites
  • Biomaterials, polymers and polymer-based composites
  • Semiconductors and materials for communication
  • Phase transformations and corrosion
  • Amorphous and disordered materials, liquid crystals
  • Magnetic, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials
  • Materials in geology, mineralogy and archeology
  • Materials for energy production, storage and catalysis
  • Physical science applications of in-situ microscopy

Instrumentation and Techniques

  • Instrumentation
  • Methods for data analysis and data visualisation
  • Methods and workflows for correlative microscopy
  • Cryo-TEM techniques for biological material
  • In-situ, environmental and time-resolved microscopies
  • Diffraction techniques
  • Multi-scale 3D imaging
  • Phase-related imaging techniques
  • STEM and TEM imaging
  • SEM, FIB, scanning probe and surface microscopy
  • Optical nanoscopy and spectral imaging techniques
  • Spectroscopy – High energy excitations and local chemical analysis
  • Spectroscopy – Low energy excitations and ultrafast spectroscopies

Frontier Issues

  • Outreach
  • Data management (storage, processing and sharing)
  • Facility management

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